vendredi 7 septembre 2018

Top 4 favorite "Classic" Disney Princesses

In the old days, I did not expect to make a ranking of my favorite "classic" Disney princesses, but since then they have been increasingly portrayed as strong, independent women, and not like damsels in distress unable to defend themselves, which is already a good point for me. And some of these princesses plainly show that they are not only able to fight, but also to be as strong as men. Here are the three disney "classic" princesses that have most marked my mind:

I will start with the one that marked my mind first. The first time I watched Mulan, I do not remember my exact age, but I was a kid that's for sure. And I think I fell in love with Mulan. I found her very beautiful, but also, her courage had marked me. The fact that she took the decision to brave the taboos and to risk her life by taking the armor and sword of her father, and to go in the war to save his life. The scene of departure still gives me chills. Mulan is an incarnation of the word "courage". The few disneys I had watched before Mulan only presented the princesses as damsels in distress, and that did not interest me. And when I saw Mulan, I felt more interest for her 'cause she was showed with a true potential. And despite the trials, the suffering, and the fact that she was almost dead in an avalanche and she was rejected by others after they discovered she was a woman, she did not give up and went to the end. Mulan represents the values of a true knight: bravery, humility, sense of honor and sacrifice. A true warrior in the soul.

I must admit, I did not watched Frozen at the cinema when it was released, and the first time I watched it was quite late (one year after its release, I think). Then one day, as everyone was constantly talking about it, I decided to take a look. At first, I did not expect to be marked by any particular character and looked with a neutral eye. Already, visually, the film was very beautiful. And secondly, a character has finally marked me: Elsa, the famous "snow queen." Already, her past: she was born with powers from unknown origin (I wrote a theory about Elsa's origins as I imagined it), and strengthening with age and becoming uncontrollable if her fear grows too much. And the day of her coronation, everything goes awry and her power is revealed to everyone, who sees her as a monster. Elsa then leaves to take refuge in the mountains where she thinks to live alone until the end of her days, wishing not to do any more harm around her. Her story touched me because she is part of the fantastic characters who are misunderstood by all and for whom I have a sincere affection. Elsa, despite her fear, tries to fight her inner demons to regain control, and you have to have courage for that. In one scene, she does not hesitate to use her powers to fight two men who try to kill her, and in the end, it is she who is about to kill them. She is even showing off as having fury in her eyes at that moment, as if her inner demon was taking over for a moment. Even though the end disappointed me a little with the power of love that solves the problem, solution that I found a little too simple, Elsa managed to touch me, because she is a character of a category I appreciate: lonely and dramatic. 

Strong. Independent. Brave. These are the words that best describe Merida, princess of a kingdom of Scotland in medieval times. Very gifted at the bow, she dreams of being an independent woman in a world dominated by men and does not want to be seen as a simple obedient woman. That's what I like about Merida, it's his rebellious side. In addition, her story with her mother is very touching and makes the character even more endearing.

As for Frozen, I did not saw Moana at the cinema and watched it quite late (I do not know why I do it all the time with the disney movies). In short, visually, the movie Moana is very very beautiful, I would even say that it surpasses Frozen. And Moana in herself also marked me. Already being little, she is shown to be curious and adventurous, which was already a good point. Then, growing up, her spirit of adventure has only grown, and she does not hesitate to leave her island to face an immense and unknown ocean, to save the world. Other good points: she stands up to men, and even to Maui, who is a demigod, and from their first meeting, she strikes him with an oar and pulls his ear as if he was a bad child. She then goes into the world of monsters and faces Tamatoa, a giant crab hungry for riches (which reminded me a bit of Smaug for this detail, XD). And in the end, she faces the fucking fire demon Te Ka. If that is not a proof of courage.... Moana is a resourceful woman, who learns to become an adventurer, but also a leader for her people, and I can only say: what a woman!

So much for my ranking. So the next time you hear someone say "Ha ha, disney princesses are helpless girls ..." Well, show him/her the movies with these characters, and wait for his/her reaction.

Mathias, the Killmaster
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lundi 3 septembre 2018

My meetings of the London Comic Con

This July 2018, I lived what will remain one of the best moments of my life: The Comic Con of London.

For this important event, I met four actors playing in Game of Thrones, and one actor who played in Star Wars:

Comic Con of London, Day 1

Vladimir Furdik (Game of Thrones)
The very first guest I met at this Comic Con, is my favorite villain of Game of Thrones, and also among my favorites in general. He is the greatest threat of Westeros: Vladimir Furdik, the actor and Slovak stuntman playing the leader of the white walkers, the Night's King himself. Being a fan of white walkers, as much as with giants and dragons, it was a dream come true for me. Vladimir is a very discreet person, who does not speak much, but he has an incredible presence and a eye of steel, you almost have the impression that he pierces you with his eyes when he looks at you. It's the gaze of Night's King, that's what I felt. For the photo, when he put his arm around my neck, I felt almost crushed, because he has strength. If he had wanted, he could have broken my neck like nothing.

Iwan Rheon (Game of Thrones)
The guest I was praying to meet, because before, I was supposed to meet him at the convention in August, but he had to cancel for personal reasons, which is his right. But before, he came to London's Comic Con, and luckily he did not cancel this time. The only one is the unique Iwan Rheon, aka Ramsay Bolton, one of the most outstanding and cruel characters in Game of Thrones, a character worthy of the Joker's madness. While Ramsay is a monster of the worst kind, Iwan is just the opposite. Smiling, very friendly, he puts people at ease and talks with them. He is also very humble and does not think of himself as a superstar. I could not talk to him too much because there were a lot of people to take photos with him, and besides, he was behind schedule and apparently had a plane to take later, so his agent was a little urgent. Even though it was very short, it was a very strong moment for me to meet him and talk to him.

Comic Con of London, Day 2

Rory McCann (Game of Thrones)
For the second and last day at Comic Con, I met another actor I wanted to meet for a long time because he plays one of my favorite characters from the entire GOT universe: Rory McCann aka Sandor "The Hound" Clegane! I had trouble realizing that I met him, especially when I saw him for real. He is a giant, both in size and talent and inside, I was like "OH FUCK O_O". On the photo, I'm trying to make a tough guy's head, but I realize how ridiculous I look beside him XD. Rory is calm, discreet and after all, it's his right. Once again, there was a lot of people for a photo with him, so the meeting was short, but remained engraved in my mind, forever.

Ellie Kendrick (Game of Thrones)
This time, an actress, and not least: the lovely Ellie Kendrick, aka the intrepid, little but courageous, Meera Reed. Even though Meera is not considered as a main character, I am among those who love the character and care about her. She is a badass, she is among the rare characters who killed a white walker, and I also hope she will come back for season 8, to fight the army of the dead alongside the others. Ellie is really adorable, and it does not show in the photo, but I had to bend my legs a bit to not exceed the frame of the studio, they had adapted it to her size (she is 1 meter 55, and I am 1 meter 86).

Ray Park (Star Wars)
The last guest I met at this comic con was not the least. This time, I realized a childhood dream, which I had been waiting for years. Ray Park, actor and stuntman who played one of the most badass siths in the Star Wars universe: Darth Maul! One of the villains who marked my childhood. I remember being a child, when I watched Star Wars episode I, I thought this villain was so cool and dark. If I had been told one day that in many years, when I would be an adult, I would meet the actor of the character, I would not have believed. Ray is awesome and dynamic, he took his time with each person to talk to them and ask them what pose to do for the photo. For my part, I asked for a dynamic pose, and that's what we did. He is a martial arts pro, and it shows immediately in the poses he does, he has training. He is also very friendly with the fans, because when it was my turn to meet him, he shook my hand very hard and said "Hi man, who are you?" almost as if he was talking to a friend.

Finally, it was a really memorable experience, to meet these actors who play characters that I love a lot, but also to make my first comic con abroad. If I can do it again someday, I will, but it will depend on the guests who will be present.

Mathias, the Killmaster
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mercredi 27 juin 2018

GOT theory - Jon Snow = Azor Ahai, and Daenerys = Nissa Nissa

As the last season of Game of Thrones approaches, theories flow afloat. One of the best known are the fate of the two characters, who for me, are the center of the saga: Jon Snow and Daenerys. Even though the two protagonists have not met for a long time, we have known for a long time that they are linked to the song of ice and fire.

The theory is that Jon is the reincarnation of the legendary hero, Azor Ahai, who defeated the darkness during the first Long Night. Daenerys, she would be the reincarnation of Azor Ahai's wife, Nissa Nissa. We know the legend of Azor and his sword Lightbringer: after failing twice to forge his sword and succeed in the third attempt, Azor had to make an ultimate sacrifice: he stabbed his wife in the heart with the sword, and Nissa Nissa's soul was one with the weapon, creating Lightbringer, the sword of fire.

Even if the possible death of Daenerys is the moment that I reodute most to arrive (I would cry literally), but that would propose the end sweet / bitter George R.R. Martin promised. I tried to imagine this scene in my head:

Defeat would be about to arrive. In spite of all the united armies, the living would still not be able to counter the wave of the undead. The white walkers would not stop bringing the dead back to life, growing their ranks all the time.
Few days before, Bran would have revealed the solution to Jon and Daenerys, but in the first place, the couple would have refused this option. But seeing death destroying everything in its path without the possibility of stopping it, Jon and Daenerys think they have no choice. Even if she wanted to take over the throne and rule, Dany understands the disaster of the situation. Jon tells him he can not do that. The couple looks at each other, kissing one last time, Daenerys shed a tear, telling Jon that it will be okay. In tears, Jon, his fist trembling, stabs Daenerys in the heart. The mother soul of the dragons merge with the Longclaw blade, spreading fire on the sword. Jon observes this with amazement and pain as the soul of his love merges with the sword. Daenerys' body falls lifeless in the Jon's arm, while with the other hand he wields the flaming sword, Lightbringer. 
Divided between sadness and anger, accompanied by the magic of R'hllor, the soul of Daenerys at his side in the sword, Jon would put his look full of fury at the Night's King, who is waiting for him. Some undead attempt to attack Jon, but he reduces them to ashes with the power of Lightbringer. Screaming with anger, Jon rushes to his ultimate enemy. The weapons of Jon and Night's King collide with violence, in a epic duel of fire and ice. The fight continues without any one taking the advantage. Powerful blows, parries and dodging, the two fighters use all their strength. After a duel of extreme violence and not without some injuries, Jon manages to deliver the fatal blow to Night's King, piercing it with the inflamed blade. For the first time, the Night's King seems to express an impression of intense pain and after an inhuman roar, falls to pieces on the ground, as well as the entire army of the dead with him.
At the end of the battle, as the fumes dissipate, the survivors of this terrible war between the dead and the living would then see Jon alone in the midst of thousands of corpses, kneeling, sword in flames in hand . Despite the victory, Jon's face is dark. He looks at his sword, still feeling the presence of Daenerys near him, but unable to speak to her anymore. 

Mathias, the Killmaster
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lundi 7 mai 2018

Siren: my new series crush

A few weeks ago now, I discovered by chance a new series appeared this year, and which I hope will last several seasons. Siren.

The story is happening in our time, in a small port city in the United States, Bristol Cove, known for its captions about mermaids. Ben and Maddie are a young couple, both working with marine animals and doing everything to protect marine wildlife from intensive fishing and other threats to the ocean. But their lives change when they meet Ryn, a lost and strange young woman, in search of her lost sister. They will quickly realize that Ryn is not just a human, but a mermaid, and that her sister would be a prisoner at a military base. Very quickly, the situation gets worse, the military doing everything to stifle the case. The ocean does not belong to human beings as they thought, and the situation could quickly lead to a war between humans and the people of the ocean.
What I already like about this series is the appearance and behavior of the mermaids. They are not nice Disney mermaids, but ferocious and dangerous predators, able to kill a shark. Mermaids use their chant to lure their prey towards them, and have claws and sharp fangs. In addition, they have a superhuman strength. When they go on land, their fish tail turn into human legs, and in contact with sea water, become a fish tail again. The metamorphosis is always an excruciating pain because the flesh fuse and detach. Sirens are intelligent and are desperate to defend their territory against humans they consider as invaders, or as prey at times.
My favorite character is Ryn. And not only because she is beautiful and strong, but because she has a complex character. She is a mermaid, and even though she feels mistrust of humans at first, she slowly learns to know them, with Ben and Maddie. She learns their language, their way of life, and learns above all that all humans are not monsters as she thought.
For now, the series has only one season, but I cross my fingers for a second season to come.

Mathias, the Killmaster
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mercredi 2 mai 2018

Theory of the Parallel Realities

I have always been fascinated by the theory of parallel realities. Our world would only be one of a myriad of others, all at the same time similar and different. Constants and variables. (Believe it or not, but it's Bioshock Infinite who started my fascination for this theory).
We exist in each reality, but we are different in each of them. I am only one Mathias Poupinais among thousands, just like all of you. For example:
- In this reality I am as I am. In another I can be a woman. In another I am a celebrity. In another, a criminal. In another I am very old. In another I live at a different time (Middle Ages, prehistory, the 1900s, or even in a future that we do not know yet, etc ...). In another I may already be dead, and in another not yet born. The possibilities are limitless.
I think, and this is my opinion, that even if these realities are real or not, our brain is generally conditioned not to be aware of their existence and to protect us from the paradox that it could create in our mind.
This brings me back to another interesting theory: time simply would not exist and all the events (past, present, future ...) would take place exactly at the same time, and the same, without us being aware of it, because again once, our brain would not support the paradox.
I've talked about parallel realities, but there's another theory that joins it: if we die in a reality, among their infinite number, there's bound to be another where we're still alive. So we never die totally. This would be the true form of what is called immortality. 
After all why not? We do not have proof that it exists, but do we have proof that it does not exist?
The universe in which we live is very complex, and perhaps even more than we think.

Mathias, the Killmaster
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samedi 7 avril 2018

2018 = a meeting year of Ice and Fire

I did not expect to live this one day but 2018 will be a year marked forever in my memories. I already met Charles Dance (Tywin Lannister) at an event in Paris, and that was it. But this time there is not one, but several actors / actresses of the series that I will meet, and not least.

At first, in July, my sister and I decided to make a little trip to London, to make our first Comic Con abroad. An experience to live, and seeing the guests who will be there, I can not wait. In London, I will meet the actress Ellie Kendrick, playing the adventurous young woman Meera Reed. The actor / stuntman Vladimir Furdik, aka my favorite villain, the terrifying Night's King. And finally, the one and only Rory McCann, Sandor "The Hound" Clegane, one of the strongest and badass warriors of the entire GOT universe.

And in August, in Paris this time, for a unique event, a special Game of Thrones convention, where several actors will be present. Here are the ones I will meet:
- First, the two children of the Greyjoy family: Alfie Allen, aka Theon, now eunuch but wanting to regain his honor, and Yara the warrior woman and queen of the iron islands.
- Isaac Hempstead-Wright, aka Bran Stark, once young Lord of Winterfell and now almost the equivalent of a god, the three-eyed raven. 
- Iwan Rheon, aka Ramsay Bolton, first bastard of his family, became lord and also the greatest psychopath of all Westeros.
- Nathalie Emmanuel, aka Missandei, a young woman formerly a slave, and now a free maid to Queen Daenerys Targaryen.

This year will be a meeting of Ice and Fire!

Mathias, the Killmaster
Fire and Blood \m/ 

vendredi 30 mars 2018

My 1st Evanescence Experience

March 28, 2018. A date and a day that will remain forever etched in my memory. Because it's the day I finally could see a group in concert that I wanted to see for so many years ..... Evanescence, the only and one, a legendary band.
I remember the first time I heard Evanescence in my life. I was ten or eleven, I was in car with my family, and my mother turned on the radio. There was the song "Going Under" playing at this moment and I remember I liked it.
The concert was a bit special because Evanescence was accompanied on stage by a symphony orchestra. The grandeur and luxury of the concert hall, I almost believed myself in an opera.

There was no opening act band, but for the opening, the orchestra first played alone and played some classics. I even recognized mozart and beethoven. I do not listen much classical music but I can recognize the great classics when I hear them. It was interesting and especially a little funny when you know that the audience was composed of fans of rock and metal. But after all, rock and classical music has always been well mixed.
And finally, they arrived. Evanescence. When Amy Lee finally appeared and I finally saw her for real, my heart made a huge leap in my chest. She is even more beautiful in reality, and her voice ..... Her voice ..... For me one of the most beautiful voices in the world .... The voice of an angel sent to earth to sing for the rockers and metalheads. Those who say she has grown too old and her voice is no longer top ..... Bullshits! She is only 36 years old, and her voice has remained magnificent. I rarely had so many thrills at a concert. I have not seen the time pass and it is very quickly pass unfortunately :( Evanescence I miss you already!
I left the room, smiling, with a t-shirt and a poster in my arms, and of course the few photos and videos I made in memory of that day.

Evanescence setlist:

Never Go Back
End of the Dream
My Heart Is Broken
Bring Me to Life
Secret Door
Lost in Paradise
Your Star
My Immortal
The In-Between
Speak to Me
Good Enough
Swimming Home

Mathias, the Killmaster
Fire and Blood \m/