mardi 19 mars 2019

SKALD - The Viking band from France.

This is no longer a secret, Viking music is one of my favorite music of all time, in the same rank as metal music. Well, since last year, and it is with great pride that I say it, France now has its viking band: SKALD!

As soon as I heard their first song, Run, I immediately fell in love. With their typical instruments of Scandinavian music, their beautiful outfits and their singings mixing power and melody, Skald transports us with them in Scandinavian culture and Nordic mythology, which compose the texts of their songs. Songs like Run, Yggdrasil, Odinn, O Valhalla, Fluga, or Niu, have become my favorites.

On February 20th, in Paris, I had the good fortune to be able to see them in concert for their great premiere, being very well placed in the first rank. For that, I went to Paris in the early afternoon and waited all afternoon in front of the room. Well, the wait has been well worth it. From the first moments of the concert, we are transported into the medieval world and the Vikings, and I enjoyed every second. I was so engrossed in the concert that I did not see the time pass and I wish it would last longer. The group did us the honor to play their entire album. The audience was numerous and seduced, and it was a real triumph for Skald at this concert. And frankly, they deserve it. Skald is a must-see group and deserves their growing success.

After the concert, I could not resist going to the merch, and there too, it was a success of the sales of albums, t-shirts and other goodies. Obviously, I bought a t-shirt, the album, which I then get autographed by the members of the group, and also a photo with them. They were so nice and open-minded, and seeing them smiling and happy of the success of the concert was really great. Once again, a group to see, and I thank them again for this concert that I will never forget.

Proud they are French!

Me with Justine, Pierrick and Mattjö from SKALD! \m/ 

Mathias, the Killmaster
Fire and Blood \m/ 

mardi 8 janvier 2019

10 years later, I still see you

In December 2009, was released a major blockbuster science fiction, a world created and directed by one of my favorite directors, James Cameron. This movie was Avatar, and I liked it so much that I was seeing it at least four times in a movie theater. One character had marked me more than the others, it was the main female character: Neytiri. If I could have imagined how much this character would change my life and help me, in a sense, to become the man I am today ...

2009 was a time of great trouble for me. I was lost, without style and identity, harassed constantly at school because of my shyness, my last name or my taste for fantasy and science fiction (a few times later, I would fall into nervous breakdown, but this is not the subject). Upon discovering the film Avatar and the character of Neytiri, something has awakened in me. I felt for Neytiri, which I had never felt before for a female character. I fell in love with Neytiri, her design, her character and her convictions. She is a strong woman, and that's what made me realize that I myself was not, that I let myself be done by the others. That's why after I went back several times to see Avatar in the cinema, even if I knew the script by heart, I did not care, I wanted to see again the story, the characters, the universe of Avatar, and also Neytiri of course. In addition to feeling connected to Neytiri, I became more and more connected to the Na'vi people, their culture, their music, their communion with their world. I never felt proud to be a human and to be part of a race so violent and immature, and seeing the Na'vi, I sometimes said to myself: "if I could have been one of them...."
But of course, I got a lot of mockery when I said my new passion for the world of Avatar and the interest I carried for Neytiri. I have even been called a zoophile because Neytiri is not human. WTF?! Neytiri is not an animal, she's a woman of an alien species with an intelligence very similar to that of humans, although the Na'vi are wiser and respectful of their environment.
Finally, I did not talk about Avatar anymore and I kept it for myself. After falling into a nervous breakdown, Avatar and Neytiri were a support among others, because I felt (and I still feel) connected to this character and this universe that has a special place in my heart. I don't give a fuck if it sounds strange to some, but when I was in nervous breakdown, I said to myself, "If Neytiri saw me, what would she tell me?"

And today, 10 years later, Neytiri is still in my heart, keeping the place of the very first fictional crush that came into my life, and which reinforced my passion in the universes I already loved, and in those of which I will become a fan in the future. And now, I'm looking forward to the arrival of Avatar 2. James Cameron, I'm counting on you, and Neytiri, see you again soon!

To people who like me have some special characters in their hearts and minds, welcome to you!
Fuck the haters! Fuck the trolls! Fuck the bullies!

Mathias, the Killmaster
Fire and Blood \m/ 

jeudi 27 décembre 2018

TITANS: my crossover saga between Disney and the Monsterverse

Crossovers are a type of story that interests me a lot when they are well used. Seeing two worlds that I am a fan to meet and assemble in a way to create an interesting story, see the characters of the two worlds meet, ally or clash, personally, I like that. I have already read several crossovers very well written by their authors, and I told myself one day that I was going to create a crossover between two worlds of which I am a fan: Disney and the Monsterverse.
Why these two universes in particular? Well, I think they can make a story both dark and beautiful. See characters like Disney princesses and their friends meet gigantic monsters like Godzilla or King Kong, and other giant creatures, could be funny to write. I named my crossover TITANS, and the first one I wrote, this year, starting the saga, is called The Queen and the Beast, with as main duo princess / monster: Elsa, the Snow Queen, and Godzilla, the King of the monsters. Why these two in particular? For start, with Elsa, she is a character that I appreciate for her drama. She is a young queen with a unique power, constantly having to be careful not to let doubt and fear dominate her, and suddenly, giant creatures, the titans, arise in the world. Will Elsa let the fear take her by seeing these huge monsters that seem indestructible? For Godzilla, he is a god, one of the most powerful monsters in the universe and suddenly, he meets this young human woman, with ice powers, which intrigues him to the highest point. And finally, I find that the two form a perfect duality: Elsa represents gentleness, hope and benevolence, while Godzilla represents anger, strength and destruction.
On the other hand, I warn, even if the characters of Disney are present, the universe of TITANS is rather dark with uncensored deaths, and showing how two dominant species, the humans and the titans, must share the world already so small and fragile.

Summary of TITANS: The Queen and the Beast:
Two years have passed since the great winter that almost destroyed the kingdom of Arendelle. Today, the young Queen Elsa, supported by her sister Princess Anna, and her friends Kristoff, Olaf and Sven, now reigns righteously over the kingdom become prosperous and promised to a great future. However, a very strange event comes to disturb this tranquillity: the news of sunken merchant ships and villages destroyed along the shores of the kingdom is spreading. Deciding to investigate and put an end to these mysterious waves of disasters, Elsa and Anna will make a discovery that will change their vision of the world forever: huge ancient creatures, the titans, emerge from the depths of the ocean and seem to have declared the war on humanity. For the two young sisters of Arendelle, a fight for the future of their kingdom, but also of the world, begins, as well as an unexpected encounter that will change the life of the young snow queen, but also change the face of the entire world forever.

And the cover (and link of the story):

Other TITANS fanfics will follow this one: The Monsters Kingdom (with Moana and Kong as new princess / monster duet, and the events of the story happening at the same time as the events of The Queen and the Beast, and finally, The Wrath of Gods, which will be the sequel to The Queen and the Beast).
Hope you'll enjoy it as I enjoy to write them. ;)

Mathias, the Killmaster
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lundi 24 décembre 2018

The ending of Frozen is not as simple than we think.

I admit that the first time, and although I guessed it would be a happy ending, I was a little disappointed with the end of Frozen as "the power of love solves everything and blablabla". At first, I thought it was too simple as an end, but after thinking, I told myself that finally, love was finally the solution to Elsa's problem, but in the end, nothing is totally solved for her, even at the end. I am going to explain.

First, we need to put the context back: Elsa is the only one of her family to have magical powers, and as a child, she uses them innocently to play, in the eyes of her sister, her parents and the servants, which is normal for a child. But one night, Elsa accidentally hurts Anna, and it is there that Elsa although being child, finds that her power is able to hurt, and it is from this moment that will be born the biggest enemy of Elsa: Fear. Pabbie said it "fear will be your worst enemy."
And unfortunately, Elsa's parents will take the worst possible decision: hiding Elsa's power and isolating her from everything. Elsa being a daughter of a royal family and well educated, will have to obey, persuaded that it is also the right thing to do. Unfortunately, this loneliness will only accentuate Elsa's pain, and therefore, her fear. Elsa grew up all her life believing that she was a danger to everyone around her. And on the day of her coronation, when her power is revealed to all, she is judged and treated as a monster, which again, increases her fear and her conviction of being a mistake of nature, and under the influence of fear, she takes the worst possible decision: to flee, and thus isolates herself even more, thus increasing her pain and fear. Even if in the song Let It Go she looks smiling and agree to stay alone, for me it is only a mask that she puts on to persuade the viewer, but also herself, that it was the right decision to take, while in the depths of her, well hidden, the sadness and the pain are at their paroxysm. During the song, Elsa is not happy, she suffers without showing it, which makes the thing even more tragic.
It's obvious that Elsa's power is tied to her emotions, and as I said, her biggest enemy is fear. Fear is a very strong and influential emotion, which in some situations can make us lose control of ourselves and push us to do things that are inconceivable but that we believe are right. This is the case for Elsa: afraid to be seen as a monster and to be able to hurt, she loses control of these emotions, so her power. And in this case, what is the opposite emotion of fear? Love. With a sincere gesture of love, Elsa manages to save her sister from whom she accidentally cast a spell. Anna thanks her for that, their friends around her are delighted, and for the first time, Elsa feels accepted, protected and understood, taking back control of her emotions, and therefore of her power.
But despite this, the end may be happy, but not so much if we deepen the thing: an emotion can not disappear, which also includes fear. Elsa's fear is not dead, but just buried and could very well be manifested again someday, who knows, maybe when a new enemy arrives in a sequel, who would use Elsa's fear to defeat her. So for me, the end of Frozen is a happy ending but only in appearance, because in the background, the fear is always present, invisible, and waiting for the moment to reappear. and who knows, maybe Elsa is aware of it, but again, without showing it?

That's why the character of Elsa interests me a lot, because in addition to being a tragic character, she must constantly fight against the worst enemy we could imaginable, a timeless and indestructible enemy, a terrifying and invisible entity named Fear.

Mathias, the Killmaster
Fire and Blood \m/

And have a Hell Happy Christmas! \m/

vendredi 7 septembre 2018

Top 4 favorite "Classic" Disney Princesses

In the old days, I did not expect to make a ranking of my favorite "classic" Disney princesses, but since then they have been increasingly portrayed as strong, independent women, and not like damsels in distress unable to defend themselves, which is already a good point for me. And some of these princesses plainly show that they are not only able to fight, but also to be as strong as men. Here are the three disney "classic" princesses that have most marked my mind:

I will start with the one that marked my mind first. The first time I watched Mulan, I do not remember my exact age, but I was a kid that's for sure. And I think I fell in love with Mulan. I found her very beautiful, but also, her courage had marked me. The fact that she took the decision to brave the taboos and to risk her life by taking the armor and sword of her father, and to go in the war to save his life. The scene of departure still gives me chills. Mulan is an incarnation of the word "courage". The few disneys I had watched before Mulan only presented the princesses as damsels in distress, and that did not interest me. And when I saw Mulan, I felt more interest for her 'cause she was showed with a true potential. And despite the trials, the suffering, and the fact that she was almost dead in an avalanche and she was rejected by others after they discovered she was a woman, she did not give up and went to the end. Mulan represents the values of a true knight: bravery, humility, sense of honor and sacrifice. A true warrior in the soul.

I must admit, I did not watched Frozen at the cinema when it was released, and the first time I watched it was quite late (one year after its release, I think). Then one day, as everyone was constantly talking about it, I decided to take a look. At first, I did not expect to be marked by any particular character and looked with a neutral eye. Already, visually, the film was very beautiful. And secondly, a character has finally marked me: Elsa, the famous "snow queen." Already, her past: she was born with powers from unknown origin (I wrote a theory about Elsa's origins as I imagined it), and strengthening with age and becoming uncontrollable if her fear grows too much. And the day of her coronation, everything goes awry and her power is revealed to everyone, who sees her as a monster. Elsa then leaves to take refuge in the mountains where she thinks to live alone until the end of her days, wishing not to do any more harm around her. Her story touched me because she is part of the fantastic characters who are misunderstood by all and for whom I have a sincere affection. Elsa, despite her fear, tries to fight her inner demons to regain control, and you have to have courage for that. In one scene, she does not hesitate to use her powers to fight two men who try to kill her, and in the end, it is she who is about to kill them. She is even showing off as having fury in her eyes at that moment, as if her inner demon was taking over for a moment. Even though the end disappointed me a little with the power of love that solves the problem, solution that I found a little too simple, Elsa managed to touch me, because she is a character of a category I appreciate: lonely and dramatic. 

Strong. Independent. Brave. These are the words that best describe Merida, princess of a kingdom of Scotland in medieval times. Very gifted at the bow, she dreams of being an independent woman in a world dominated by men and does not want to be seen as a simple obedient woman. That's what I like about Merida, it's his rebellious side. In addition, her story with her mother is very touching and makes the character even more endearing.

As for Frozen, I did not saw Moana at the cinema and watched it quite late (I do not know why I do it all the time with the disney movies). In short, visually, the movie Moana is very very beautiful, I would even say that it surpasses Frozen. And Moana in herself also marked me. Already being little, she is shown to be curious and adventurous, which was already a good point. Then, growing up, her spirit of adventure has only grown, and she does not hesitate to leave her island to face an immense and unknown ocean, to save the world. Other good points: she stands up to men, and even to Maui, who is a demigod, and from their first meeting, she strikes him with an oar and pulls his ear as if he was a bad child. She then goes into the world of monsters and faces Tamatoa, a giant crab hungry for riches (which reminded me a bit of Smaug for this detail, XD). And in the end, she faces the fucking fire demon Te Ka. If that is not a proof of courage.... Moana is a resourceful woman, who learns to become an adventurer, but also a leader for her people, and I can only say: what a woman!

So much for my ranking. So the next time you hear someone say "Ha ha, disney princesses are helpless girls ..." Well, show him/her the movies with these characters, and wait for his/her reaction.

Mathias, the Killmaster
Fire and Blood \m/ 

lundi 3 septembre 2018

My meetings of the London Comic Con

This July 2018, I lived what will remain one of the best moments of my life: The Comic Con of London.

For this important event, I met four actors playing in Game of Thrones, and one actor who played in Star Wars:

Comic Con of London, Day 1

Vladimir Furdik (Game of Thrones)
The very first guest I met at this Comic Con, is my favorite villain of Game of Thrones, and also among my favorites in general. He is the greatest threat of Westeros: Vladimir Furdik, the actor and Slovak stuntman playing the leader of the white walkers, the Night's King himself. Being a fan of white walkers, as much as with giants and dragons, it was a dream come true for me. Vladimir is a very discreet person, who does not speak much, but he has an incredible presence and a eye of steel, you almost have the impression that he pierces you with his eyes when he looks at you. It's the gaze of Night's King, that's what I felt. For the photo, when he put his arm around my neck, I felt almost crushed, because he has strength. If he had wanted, he could have broken my neck like nothing.

Iwan Rheon (Game of Thrones)
The guest I was praying to meet, because before, I was supposed to meet him at the convention in August, but he had to cancel for personal reasons, which is his right. But before, he came to London's Comic Con, and luckily he did not cancel this time. The only one is the unique Iwan Rheon, aka Ramsay Bolton, one of the most outstanding and cruel characters in Game of Thrones, a character worthy of the Joker's madness. While Ramsay is a monster of the worst kind, Iwan is just the opposite. Smiling, very friendly, he puts people at ease and talks with them. He is also very humble and does not think of himself as a superstar. I could not talk to him too much because there were a lot of people to take photos with him, and besides, he was behind schedule and apparently had a plane to take later, so his agent was a little urgent. Even though it was very short, it was a very strong moment for me to meet him and talk to him.

Comic Con of London, Day 2

Rory McCann (Game of Thrones)
For the second and last day at Comic Con, I met another actor I wanted to meet for a long time because he plays one of my favorite characters from the entire GOT universe: Rory McCann aka Sandor "The Hound" Clegane! I had trouble realizing that I met him, especially when I saw him for real. He is a giant, both in size and talent and inside, I was like "OH FUCK O_O". On the photo, I'm trying to make a tough guy's head, but I realize how ridiculous I look beside him XD. Rory is calm, discreet and after all, it's his right. Once again, there was a lot of people for a photo with him, so the meeting was short, but remained engraved in my mind, forever.

Ellie Kendrick (Game of Thrones)
This time, an actress, and not least: the lovely Ellie Kendrick, aka the intrepid, little but courageous, Meera Reed. Even though Meera is not considered as a main character, I am among those who love the character and care about her. She is a badass, she is among the rare characters who killed a white walker, and I also hope she will come back for season 8, to fight the army of the dead alongside the others. Ellie is really adorable, and it does not show in the photo, but I had to bend my legs a bit to not exceed the frame of the studio, they had adapted it to her size (she is 1 meter 55, and I am 1 meter 86).

Ray Park (Star Wars)
The last guest I met at this comic con was not the least. This time, I realized a childhood dream, which I had been waiting for years. Ray Park, actor and stuntman who played one of the most badass siths in the Star Wars universe: Darth Maul! One of the villains who marked my childhood. I remember being a child, when I watched Star Wars episode I, I thought this villain was so cool and dark. If I had been told one day that in many years, when I would be an adult, I would meet the actor of the character, I would not have believed. Ray is awesome and dynamic, he took his time with each person to talk to them and ask them what pose to do for the photo. For my part, I asked for a dynamic pose, and that's what we did. He is a martial arts pro, and it shows immediately in the poses he does, he has training. He is also very friendly with the fans, because when it was my turn to meet him, he shook my hand very hard and said "Hi man, who are you?" almost as if he was talking to a friend.

Finally, it was a really memorable experience, to meet these actors who play characters that I love a lot, but also to make my first comic con abroad. If I can do it again someday, I will, but it will depend on the guests who will be present.

Mathias, the Killmaster
Fire and Blood \m/

mercredi 27 juin 2018

GOT theory - Jon Snow = Azor Ahai, and Daenerys = Nissa Nissa

As the last season of Game of Thrones approaches, theories flow afloat. One of the best known are the fate of the two characters, who for me, are the center of the saga: Jon Snow and Daenerys. Even though the two protagonists have not met for a long time, we have known for a long time that they are linked to the song of ice and fire.

The theory is that Jon is the reincarnation of the legendary hero, Azor Ahai, who defeated the darkness during the first Long Night. Daenerys, she would be the reincarnation of Azor Ahai's wife, Nissa Nissa. We know the legend of Azor and his sword Lightbringer: after failing twice to forge his sword and succeed in the third attempt, Azor had to make an ultimate sacrifice: he stabbed his wife in the heart with the sword, and Nissa Nissa's soul was one with the weapon, creating Lightbringer, the sword of fire.

Even if the possible death of Daenerys is the moment that I reodute most to arrive (I would cry literally), but that would propose the end sweet / bitter George R.R. Martin promised. I tried to imagine this scene in my head:

Defeat would be about to arrive. In spite of all the united armies, the living would still not be able to counter the wave of the undead. The white walkers would not stop bringing the dead back to life, growing their ranks all the time.
Few days before, Bran would have revealed the solution to Jon and Daenerys, but in the first place, the couple would have refused this option. But seeing death destroying everything in its path without the possibility of stopping it, Jon and Daenerys think they have no choice. Even if she wanted to take over the throne and rule, Dany understands the disaster of the situation. Jon tells him he can not do that. The couple looks at each other, kissing one last time, Daenerys shed a tear, telling Jon that it will be okay. In tears, Jon, his fist trembling, stabs Daenerys in the heart. The mother soul of the dragons merge with the Longclaw blade, spreading fire on the sword. Jon observes this with amazement and pain as the soul of his love merges with the sword. Daenerys' body falls lifeless in the Jon's arm, while with the other hand he wields the flaming sword, Lightbringer. 
Divided between sadness and anger, accompanied by the magic of R'hllor, the soul of Daenerys at his side in the sword, Jon would put his look full of fury at the Night's King, who is waiting for him. Some undead attempt to attack Jon, but he reduces them to ashes with the power of Lightbringer. Screaming with anger, Jon rushes to his ultimate enemy. The weapons of Jon and Night's King collide with violence, in a epic duel of fire and ice. The fight continues without any one taking the advantage. Powerful blows, parries and dodging, the two fighters use all their strength. After a duel of extreme violence and not without some injuries, Jon manages to deliver the fatal blow to Night's King, piercing it with the inflamed blade. For the first time, the Night's King seems to express an impression of intense pain and after an inhuman roar, falls to pieces on the ground, as well as the entire army of the dead with him.
At the end of the battle, as the fumes dissipate, the survivors of this terrible war between the dead and the living would then see Jon alone in the midst of thousands of corpses, kneeling, sword in flames in hand . Despite the victory, Jon's face is dark. He looks at his sword, still feeling the presence of Daenerys near him, but unable to speak to her anymore. 

Mathias, the Killmaster
Fire and Blood \m/